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  One day the Brown family was sitting in their home when all of the sudden Mrs. Brown heard a kittens meow(猫叫). Now there was a big storm outside so that kitten must of been afraid. Nothing became of that incident that night though. The next day Mrs. Brown’s children saw the kitten roam around the street. He actually lived in there yard!

  All the children got together to catch the cat and give him a home. The kitten was so fast they couldn’t get any where near the stray kitten. The kids got there friends together and their friends had no more speed than the Brown children had. They soon cornered the fuzzy(模糊的) kitten but it jumped in to a near by tree! Oh no the children thought.

  Could they ever get him out of the tree? At dinner Bobby; Mrs. Makely’s son was eating his Kielbasa when it came to him. He knew just what to do. He’d use Kielbasa to get the cat from the tree to the house! The next day after school he took some left over Kielbasa out of the freezer and cooked it up. Next he put it on a fancy silver platter.

  When he was done he shouted “wala, the kittens dinner looks delish(可口的)!” He then went outside and saw a dog coming toward the tree where the cat sat. The cat jumped off and ran! Then Bobby got his other siblings and his friends from across the street. The dog was gone by the time they got there but the cat was no where to be found.

  They searched and searched all over until they came to a bed of pine needles under a pine tree. There was an unusual bump of pine needles. Then they saw a kitten jump out and stand there look at them. Bobby ran and got the platter or Kielbasa. He returned with the silver platter in a flash!

  The cat followed Bobby all the way to the house! Then Bobby put the platter in the house. The cat went in to the house and ate the whole meal. The children went in to hug the cat but it ran under the freezer!!! When he finally came out from hiding Mrs. Brown picked him up and held him in the palm of her hand.

  The kitten purred lovingly. “I know what we’ll call him!” Shouted Bobby. “What?” Asked Mrs.Brown. “Kielbasa” He announced happily.


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